Pietro Barilla senior

Pietro Barilla Senior (to distinguish him from his grandson, also named Pietro) was born in Parma on 3 May 1845, the sixth of the ten children of Ferdinando, known as Luigi, and Angela Julia Lanati. Alongside his elder brothers Ferdinando and Giuseppe, Pietro soon went to do his apprenticeship in the workshop belonging to his maternal grandfather Vincenzo Lanati, a baker who had a shop and bake-house in Strada Santa Croce 183-185.

Riccardo Barilla

Riccardo Barilla was born in 1880, the third of six siblings, son of Pietro and Giovanna Adorni. He attended the primary school until the fourth grade and subsequently he began to help his father who owned a modest shop with a small adjacent bake house for the handmade production and for the sale of bread and pasta in the city centre, in Via Vittorio Emanuele.


Gualtiero Barilla was born in Parma on 9 August 1881, penultimate of the five children of Pietro and Giovanna Adorni. Called to a religious vocation, rather than working in the Company, he did a normal course of higher studies in a seminary and, for a brief time, at the Foreign Missions Institute, with the intention of going to China to work as a missionary.

Pietro Barilla

Pietro Barilla was the second child of Riccardo and Virginia Fontana. After attending various colleges in Italy, in 1931 he went to complete his education in Germany. Subsequently he did his Italian Army National Service. In 1934, he began working in the family Company as a salesman. In 1936, in the renovated offices in Viale Veneto, he supervised the organization of sales, agents and transport.


Giovanni Barilla was born in Parma on 6 July 1917, the youngest child of Riccardo and Virginia Fontana. Endowed with an athletic and long-limbed physique, he distinguished himself in his high-school football team as right half, “the driving force”, as they used to say then, a characteristic, which was very soon transferred from the football pitch to the factory. After studying classics at the “Maria Luigia” school in Parma, he enrolled in the faculty of Chemistry at the University of Bologna, but, having given up his studies due to the war, he devoted himself entirely to work, first assisting and then replacing in 1947 his father Riccardo.

Guido Barilla

Guido Maria Barilla was born in Milano on 30 July 1958, firstborn of Pietro and Maria Maddalena Da Lisca. After his classical studies in Parma and in the US at the Cambridge School of Weston, he attended the major in Philosophy at Milano University. He starts his career in the Company in 1982 with an experience of more than two years abroad at the sales department of Barilla France. After this, he undertakes various experiences in food companies in the US.
When he gets back to Parma Headquarters of the Barilla Group, in July 1986, he takes the reins of the Company dealing mainly with the internationalization of the Group.

Luca Barilla

He was born in Milan on 12 May 1960, second born of Pietro and Maria Maddalena Da Lisca. In 1984, he enters in the Company workforce as product manager. He concludes his professional training in Paris at Barilla France and in the United States, with a marketing internship at Los Angeles University.
On May 1987, he joins the Administration Council of Barilla G. & R. Fratelli S.p.A., and in 1988, he is elected Vice Chairman, his current position.

Paolo Barilla

Paolo Barilla was born in Milano on 20 April 1961 and he is the third born of Pietro and Maria Maddalena Da Lisca.
His role in the Company begins in 1991, starting at Barilla France.