The offices of the Barilla Historical Archive are located in Parma, Via Mantova 166, at the Company Headquarters.

Technical services

No document can get out from the Archive for any reason. However, it’s possible to make digital copies personally or to require digital, audio or video, photographic copies of the document contained in the offices.
Video shootings are not allowed inside of the Historical Archive, except for whoever disposes of expressed permission.

Access and internal consultation

The Historical Archive is for all intents, a Company function. All the Barilla Group employees have free access to it. The organization and the cataloguation of the documents has been conceived in function of the operative needs of the Company.
The loan of documents and objects is allowed upon agreement and drafting of a proper insurance coverage policy for exhibitions and cultural initiatives organized by cultural Institutions or Offices, Divisions and Partners of the Company itself.

Access and external consultation

The Barilla Historical Archive is open to a specialized public, scholars, researchers and journalists who are allowed to consultation in order to search for information and useful documents for their activity.
The type of material and its function mainly of research, make the Archive suitable to the visit of University students or people with a specific education or professional training.
The Archive can be visited only on appointment that has to be agreed in advance (at least two weeks) with the Archive supervisor.
The access is allowed to individuals or to groups of maximum ten people. In case of request from bigger groups, it’s necessary to divide the visitors and include some units in the next tours. Both the research and the visits are guided.
Individual Appointments can be planned for University students or researchers that are willing to redact a dissertation using the material contained in the Archive. There is a specific access procedure for them.

Opening times and visit procedure

The Barilla Historical Archive is open to the public on appointment on Friday and open all day from 9 AM to 5 PM. The visit can take place only upon request that can be made via e-mail ([email protected]).
At the Barilla Historical Archive’s spaces smoking is forbideen. Who attends the offices is asked, in addition, to put the phones on silent during the stay in order not to disturb.


The consultation of the documents must occur in the Study Room only, as it is a space designed for this purpose. The guests are required to register indicating their personal data. These data will definitely not be divulgated, nor inside or ouside the Company; they just have the funtion of testifying the identity of the visitors and calculating their number and statistic typology.

Limits to consultation

All the documentation of the Historic Archive can be consulted except:

  • The material that hasn’t been ordered and catalogued;
  • The documentation indicated as “confidential” when sent to the Archive from the Company offices for five years from the date of deposit; after this date the documentation can be consulted;
  • The strategic documents of the Company of the last five years.

Dissertation and University research

Who wishes to write a dissertation in collaboration with the Barilla Historical Archive and asks for the Company’s help must send via email a written request which has to contain the data indicated in the specific form. This can be downloaded on the Archive’s website and it must be sent together with a presentation of the Professor and/or University, including:

  • Personal data
  • Major enrollment
  • title (or theme) of dissertation
  • name and contact of the University Mentor

The Company reserves the faculty to select, for organizational reasons, the requests.
The students or the researchers are asked to deposit a copy of the dissertation that the Historical Archive will conserve and make available to other researchers.


Parma, 1 March 2018