The Barilla Historical Archive was born in 1987 by will of the Company Chairman, at that time Pietro Barilla.

The Barilla Historical Archive, born in 1987 by will of the Company Chairman, at that time Pietro Barilla, has the task to collect, preserve and enhance to the historical material related to the long life of the Barilla Company and of the Brands owned by the Barilla Group.

Its primary functions consist in collecting the memory of the past, preserving the materials and documentation through the most proper criteria giving them value so that they can be present again within the Company culture and the wider social reality.

In addition, the Barilla Historical Archive:

  • Pursues the exchange and diffusion of experiences with cultural communities, enterprises, institutions and the public at large.
  • Carries out activities of research, training, development and detailed study in the area of enterprise history and shares the mission of Museimpresa, the association that connects Italian companies with archives and museums of enterprise, of which the Barilla Historical Archive is a founding partner.
  • Promotes and enhances to the cultural evolution of the enterprise and the historic memory of the Company generations, documenting also the social development of Italy.
  • Manages the great documentary heritage and disseminates its knowledge, both through its own national and international means of communication, and by promoting the presence of Barilla in publications on broader topics, and also through the management of historic brands of the Barilla Group and distribution of images and objects related to the history of the Company.

The Barilla Historical Archive collects, preserves and enhances:

  • paper documents, such as manuscripts and typewritten texts, photos, press releases, financial reports, advertising and promotional materials, publications, drawings, studies and projects;
  • documents on magnetic and digital support, like video documents and advertising movies, audio announcements and documents, electronic files, grey literature;
  • documents and promotional objects of various material (paper and cardboard, plastic, metal, fabric);
  • books, pamphlets, multimedia supports and files of bibliographic works, periodic publications related to the brands Barilla, Braibanti, Catelli, Filiz, Lancia, Misko, Pasta Evangelists, Tolerant, Voiello, Vesta, Yemina, Mulino Bianco, GranCereale, Pan di Stelle, Pavesi, Harrys, Wasa, Academia Barilla, Barilla for Professionals, Barilla Restaurants-Casa Barilla, CucinaBarilla, First, coming from the offices of the Company and the suppliers of the countries in which the Company operates.


The Barilla Historical Archive is a service of the Company and responds to the Group Communication and External Relations Unit. The material contained in the Archive is owned by Barilla.
The Archive is managed by a Curator with a proper cultural and professional training and the activity is supported by internal and external professionals for the execution of its functions. Its funds come from an annual Company budget.
The Barilla Historical Archive can provide services inside the Company and externally on request, or for direct initiatives.

Services inside the Company:

  • Research according to themes;
  • Copy of documents;
  • Historical marketing;
  • Coordination of institutional/historical image;
  • Website;
  • Collectors Customer Care;
  • Induction activity for new hired employees.

Services outside the Company:

  • Historical documentation about the Company, Brands and Products;
  • Documentary and iconographic researches;
  • Assistance for Customer, suppliers and media through the Company   management;
  • Assistance for dissertation.

* Direct initiatives:

  • Exhibitions, conferences, lectures, publications;
  • Cooperation with Cultural and public local, national and international Institutions;
  • Loan for exhibitions, expositions and publications;
  • Relations with Schools and Universities.

The Historical Archive cannot alienate the goods owned by the Company.

Parma – March 8, 2021