Vita con Bettina: testa o croce

Data: 1964



BAR I Re 1964 00011


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Semolina Pasta


35″ BN TV 35



Agency: CPV
Creative director: Mario Belli
Art Director: -
Copywriter: -
Directed by: -
Director of photography: -
TV Producer: -
Production Company: -
Music: -
Arrangement: -
Interpreters: -
Location: Milan, Filming Studios
Year: 1964
Duration: 35” (each spot)
ASB Code: BAR I Re 1964/1-22
Abstract: The adventures of Bettina are narrated: she is a young housewife dealing with the cares of housekeeping and the small daily problems of home management. We follow her in the various moments of her day: at the grocery store, dealing with a grocer that suggests that she should buy unpacked pasta; on the telephone while she is convinced she is speaking with her husband, and instead she dialed the wrong number; dealing with the employee that came to read the gas meter, to whom she gives a recipe to read; together with her husband that tries to improvise as a cook but only creates confusion; again on the phone with her husband that wishes to eat a good bowl of Fettuccine pasta; on the telephone with a girlfriend who is lamenting about her fiance; while she is helping her next door neighbor that burned lunch; at the supermarket store with her husband; while she arranges the home for her husband’s needs as he will remain alone while she is on vacation; while she receives red roses from her husband on the occasion of their wedding anniversary; while she trying to decide whether to cook pasta or soup; while she makes lunch while listening to the radio; while she is at the grocer’s shop and orders the various numbers of pasta formats; with a friend that tells her the plot of a movie; while she interrupts her husband that is watching a soccer game; while she is exercising in the kitchen following the instructions of a 45rpm record; while she burns a cake in the oven; when she threatens her husband saying that if he does not listen to her she will not cook the Tagliatelle pasta with Ragù sauce; when she tries out a new recipe written in the dialect of Romagna; when her husband tells her about a car accident in which he was just involved; with a group of friends after an evening at the theater; when she does not have the courage to kill a rooster and hides it in the cupboard.
During each television commercial it is repeatedly stated that Barilla Durum Wheat Pasta is as good as home made pasta and the one and only Barilla Pasta is sold in the unmistakable blue carton boxes.