Pulcinella’s Tarantella

Data: 1959


BAR I Rf 1959 00002


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Pasta
Diffusione: CINEMA


2′ C CI 35



Agency: -
Creative director: Emanuele Luzzati
Art Director: Emanuele Luzzati
Copywriter: Giorgio Onesti
Directed by: Giulio Gianini
Director of photography: Giulio Gianini
Executive Producer: -
Production Company: -
Music: Gianfranco Maselli
Arrangement: Gianfranco Maselli
Interpreters: Cartoon – Pulcinella, Bella, three brigands, harlequin and other masks
Location: Genova
Year: 1959
Duration: 118”
ASB Code: BAR I Rf 1959/2

Abstract: Pulcinella and his sweetheart Bella roam the kingdom riding on the back of a rooster, but are attacked by a handful of bandits who kidnap the girl and take her by sea to their castle. Pulcinella reaches them and defeats them, rescues his Bella and brings her to celebrate with friends at an inn where they eat Barilla pasta.
The advertising punch line shows a pack of Barilla egg pasta.