Semola – Un mare d’amore

Data: 2002, VII


BAR I Re 2002 00003


Marca: Barilla


The storyboard of the spot is available.



The new spots go back to representing values and sentiments that made memorable the communication campaign in the 1980s. Though this time it proposes situations based on contemporary issues and in line with the idea of a new global society.

Agency: Young & Rubicam
Creative director: Fabrizio Granata - Salvo Scibilia
Art Director: Fabrizio Granata
Copywriter: Salvo Scibilia
Directed by: Alessandro D’Alatri
Director of photography: Michel Abramowicz
TV Producer: Gabriella Colombo
Production Company: BRW & Partners
Music: “Barilla ‘99”, Roberto Molinelli and Andrea Griminelli
Arrangement: Roberto Molinelli
Interpreters: Pascal Mottier (man), Viera Schottertova (woman), Giulia Chiazza, Loris Ciappa (children)
Location: Torre di Capo Galera, Alghero, Sardinia
Year: 2002
Duration: 60”, 45”
ASB Code: BAR I Re 2002/3
Abstract: a young couple in their yellow two-horse open roof Citroën car arrives to an abandoned tower overlooking the ocean. They fall in love with it and decide that it will be their home. They go in and he goes to take a swim in the ocean, while she arranges the few things they brought with them, including a box of Barilla pasta that she places in a small loophole window from which she can see the ocean. Time flies and the two young people are still there in the tower with the children they had in the meantime.