Semola – Tokyo

Data: 1999


BAR I Re 1999 00005


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Semolina Pasta



The new spots go back to representing values and sentiments that made memorable the communication campaign in the 1980s. Though this time it proposes situations based on contemporary issues and in line with the idea of a new global society.

Agency: Young & Rubicam
Creative director: Salvo Mizzi – Antonio Vignali
Art Director: Antonio Vignali
Copywriter: Salvo Mizzi
Directed by: Berry Myers
Director of photography: Dante Spinotti
TV Producer: Gabriella Colombo
Production Company: Film Master
Music: “Barilla ‘99”, Roberto Molinelli and Andrea Griminelli
Arrangement: Roberto Molinelli
Interpreters: Patrick Lyster (father), Mary Raynolds (mother), Steven Clark (son), Tina Ory (girl)
Location: Rome – Osaka, Kansai Airport - Kyoto
Year: 1999
Duration: 60”, 50”, 45”
ASB Code: Spot: BAR I Re 1999/5, 6, 7
Back Stage: BAR I Rel 1999/5
Abstract: In Rome, a mother and a father receive the letter from their son that lives in Japan. The mother is sad and her husband decides to plan a surprise trip to the land of the Rising Sun. After a long journey, they arrive at the young man’s house but perhaps they made a mistake, since there is nobody there. But all of a sudden they see their daughter in law in the garden and she welcomes them home and helps them to prepare a surprise meal for her husband with Barilla pasta they brought from Italy. When he comes back home, a double surprise awaits him!