Penne Barilla

Data: 1976


BAR I Re 1976 00002


Marca: Barilla



Agency: Young & Rubicam
Creative director: -
Art Director: -
Copywriter: -
Directed by: -
Director of photography: -
TV Producer: -
Production company: -
Music: -
Arrangement: -
Interpreters: -
Location: Milan, Filming Studios
Year: 1976-1978
Duration: 30”
ASB Code: BAR I Re 1976/1-2-3 - 1978/1-3
Abstract: A family sitting at the table is dining on Barilla (penne or spaghetti) pasta. At the end, the speaker’s voice illustrates the quality and the characteristics of Barilla pasta, declaring that it is made only of Durum wheat and for this reason it holds well to cooking.