Pasta ripiena – Tortelloni – Enrico Bertolino – 5

Data: 2001


BAR I Re 2001 00005


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Pasta ripiena
Diffusione: TELEVISION



Agency: Young & Rubicam
Creative director: Fabrizio Granata - Salvo Scibilia
Art Director: Alessandra Carù
Copywriter: Marcella Panseri
Directed by: Marcello Cesena
Director of photography: Agostino Castiglioni
TV Producer: Annalisa De Maria
Production Company: Mercurio Cinematografica
Music: Paolo Silvestri
Arrangement: Paolo Silvestri
Interpreters: Enrico Bertolino, Thomas Trabacchi, Donatella Pandimiglio
Location: Milan, Teatro 3
Year: 2001
Duration: 30”, 15”, 5”
ASB Code: BAR I Re 2001/3, 4, 5
Abstract: the industrial entrepreneur and the presenter find themselves enrolled in a cooking school. The exam is on the Tortelloni pasta with Ricotta cheese and spinach. Even though they do not know where to start to knead the dough and roll out the pasta sheet, and even if they make a big mess, they continue to get compliments from their severe teacher, because they secretly slip a box of Barilla Tortelloni in the pot.