Pasta all’uovo – Tagliatelle 45

Data: 2001


BAR I Re 2001 00008


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Pasta all'uovo
Diffusione: TELEVISION



Agency: Young & Rubicam
Creative director: Fabrizio Granata - Salvo Scibilia
Art Director: Fabrizio Granata
Copywriter: Salvo Scibilia
Directed by: Bill Fertik; Table Top: Vittorio Sacco
Director of photography: Enzo Fumagalli, Vittorio Sacco
TV Producer: Gabriella Colombo
Production Company: Motion Picture House
Music: “Amami Alfredo”, Prelude to Act I of “La Traviata”, by Giuseppe Verdi
Arrangement: -
Interpreters: Paula Garcia (protagonist of the Tagliatelle spot), Sophia Malmqvist (protagonist of the lasagna spot), Rita Giannoccoli (Rezdora – home maker)
Location: Parma, external locations; Merate (MI); Villa d’Adda (BG); Milan
Year: 2001

Duration: 45”, 30”
ASB Code: Spot: BAR I Re 2001/8, 9
Back Stage: BAR I Rel 2001/8

Abstract: We are in the quiet gathering of a square in a town in Emilia. In the distance, the outline of the Antelami Baptistery tower is seen. It is Parma, the city where Barilla was born in 1877. A young woman crosses the stress of the center on a bicycle and stops with curiosity in front of the window of fresh pasta laboratory shop. Inside, in a warm and welcoming light, she sees a “rezdora” – so the homemakers are called in Emilia – working on dough with a rolling pin. The Tagliatelle that are prepared with rolled dough of the right consistency and porosity are cut and air dried and they are put in a pot of boiling water. A girl enchanted by the smell of pasta tries the Tagliatelle and then pours a shrimp and zucchini sauce on the pasta with a ladle. She will conquer her friends at lunch by bringing to the table her delicious Emiliane Barilla Tagliatelle pasta.