Mina (Testimonial) : “Saccundì saccundà” 2

Data: 1970


BAR I Re 1970 00011


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Semolina Pasta


2’50” BN TV 35



Agency: Young & Rubicam
Creative Director: -
Art Director: Gavino Sanna, Sergio Mambelli
Copywriter: Benvenuto Garone
Directed by: Valerio Zurlini
Director of photography: Tonino Delli Colli
TV Producer: Roberto Gavioli
Production company: Gamma Film
Music: Authors of respective songs
Arrangement: -
Interpreters: Mina Mazzini
Location: Roma, Studio
Year: 1970
Duration: 150”
Codice ASB: BAR I Re 1970/9-10-11-12-13-16

Abstract: In these two cycles of commercials Mina appears with long hair flowing on her shoulders and a rather heavy make up. The songs that the very popular artist sung were: “The voice of silence”, a reflection on a love story that seemed to be forgotten and that instead the voice of silence brings back to memory (in the background a work by artist Titina Maselli is seen); “Moment by moment”, in which Mina wears for the first time a very short dress that shows her legs and is inside a studio in which the painting “La grande guerre” by Renè Magritte can be seen; in her interpretation of “Sacundì Sacundà” Mina is outdoors at night and in the background the wooden sculptures by Mario Ceroli can be seen – all of a sudden high flames are lit behind them, as the song narrates a tale of an encounter with the devil.
“Tonight I am here” is sung on a stage with light curtains that take rounded shapes. Mina wears a dark and very short dress and sings her forgiveness to the man she loves.
“A blow to the heart” is sung in a small studio; next to the singer who is on stage there are musicians playing live. During the performance of the song whose text states that if her loved one would come back to her it would be a blow to her heart since now her life is boring and empty, Mina walks in front of a painting by Mario Schifano.
The advertising ending line is the same for all of the spots. Mina is filmed while she has breakfast with Barilla Rusk Bread on which she spreads butter and jam; at the end, she advertises Barilla bread sticks and states: “These are my bread”.
Standing next to a painting by Burri Mina sings “Problems of the heart”. The singer changes look again: her hair is long but kept more straight and she wears many rings and long necklaces. She sings that the problems of the heart are always present in life because love has no age.
The advertisement endings focus on a typical family of those times watching TV together. As soon as Mina's song ends, the mother realizes that the pasta is ready and she has not set the table yet. The speaker intervenes and reminds the public that Barilla pasta never looses its consistency and the cooking water stays clear at the end of cooking; then he proposes a special offer.

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