Hunting Husband

Data: 1959


BAR I Rf 1959 00001


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Pasta
Diffusione: CINEMA


1’35” C CI 35



Agency: -
Creative director: -
Art Director: -
Copywriter: -
Directed by: Marco Biassoni and Emanuele Luzzati
Director of photography: Giulio Gianini
Executive Producer: -
Production Company: Studio Firma
Music: Gianfranco Maselli
Arrangement: Gianfranco Maselli
Interpreters: Cartoon – Husband, wife, lion
Location: Milano
Year: 1959
Duration: 95”
ASB Code: BAR I Rf 1959/1

Abstract: in prehistoric times, a woman forces her husband to hunt rather than sit around idle and waste time. He tries invain to catch a lion, that instead gets the better of him and manages to get invited to lunch, thus unleashing the wrath of the woman. But spirits calm down when it is announced that: "We will feast on Barilla pasta".
The short commercial ends with an image of a pack of Barilla "Nidi di rondine" egg pasta.