The Dream

Data: 2009


BAR I Rf 2009 00001


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Corporate


Agency: Y&R Italia
Executive Creative Directors: Aldo Cernuto e Roberto Pizzigoni
Art Director: Roberto Pizzigoni
Copywriter: Aldo Cernuto
Directed by: Javier Blanco
Director of Photography: Umberto Manente
Executive Producer: Luca orlando
Production Studios: BRW Filmland
Music by: “Il giardino dei salici”
Music Addangements by: Ferdinando Arnò, Quiet Please!
Interpreters: James Mac Caffrey (Pietro Barilla); Natalia Aleksandrova (South African mother ); Chrystalla Mammous (South African girl with sheaves of wheat ); Levin Pause (South African boy); Logan Crouse (South African boy); Adam Elvidge (South African boy); Sophie Olsson (mother in interior/exterior of shop1877); Filippo Augugliaro (son in interior/exterior of shop 1877); Ivan Bacchilega (Gualtiero Barilla in interior of shop 1877); Luigi Marino (pasta maker in interior of factory 1900); Marco Ghirlandi (photographer of group photo of 1921); Gianfranco Teodoro (man in group photo of 1921); Maria Grazia Pompei (woman in group photo of 1921); Angela Rossi (woman in group photo of 1921); Vera Dragone (mother in interior/exterior of house 1947); Fabio Bezzi (father in interior/exterior of house 1947); Flavia Mattucci (daughter in interior/exterior of house 1947); Elena Radonicich (woman in exterior with bicycle – kiss 1950); Emanuele Fortunati (man in exterior with bicycle – kiss 1950); Eleonora Rossi (mother in home interior 1969); Irene Pepe Pugliese (daughter in home interior1969); Leonardo Ruta (interior/exterior designer of laboratory 1990); Antonella Britti (mother in supermarket interior 2009); Federico Cianfanelli (son in supermarket interior 2009).
Editing: Roberto Pileri - Tex
Location:South Africa, New York, Emilia Romagna, surroundings of Milan and ICET Studios of Cologno Monzese
Year: 2009
Duration: 133”
ASB CODE: BAR I Rf 2009/1

Abstract: Parma, 1877: Pietro Barilla with his wife Giovanna and their young sons Gualtiero and Riccardo visit a wheat field that is being harvested. Pietro picks up an ear of wheat and crushing it in his hands he dreams the future of his small pasta factory, a small store managed with his brothers with a workshop in the back. Time speeds forward and while the years unfold in his mind - from the first Mille Miglia car race of 1927 to the moon landing (1969), to the collapse of the Berlin Wall (1989) - Pietro imagines a company capable of producing quality pasta, to innovate and export all over the world... While the wind blows the chaff away leaving in his hands some grain, he reopens his eyes: it' was just a dream... but why not dream?
The commercial was filmed in exteriors in South Africa and New York while internal and studio scenes were shot in Italy on the occasion of the 132nd anniversary of Barilla's foundation and lasts 132 seconds in the film version. Despite being "a dream", and therefore a fantasy script, the adherence with the historical reality is very strong: the protagonists take up the features of the real historical characters, indoor and outdoor factory scenes are faithfully reconstructed from photos, the evolution of the brand and means of transportation are faithful to the historical era and numerous news inserts (landing on the moon on TV or front page of the newspaper) are original documents and footage, such as drawings and photos kept in the Company's Historical Archive.