Thank You Rome

Data: 1986


BAR I Rf 1986 00004


Marca: Barilla


Cinema Version of the spot Bar I Re 1986 3.



Agency: Young & Rubicam
Creative director: Gavino Sanna
Art Director: Gavino Sanna
Copywriter: Andrea Concato
Directed by: Alessandro D’Alatri
Director of photography: Claudio Collepiccolo
Executive Producer: Alessandra Ferrari
Production Company: Film Master
Music: “Hymne”, Vangelis
Arrangement: Jingle Bell
Interpreters: Joska Versari (child) Luigi Costa Uzzo (Soccer Field employee)
Location: Rome, Olympic Stadium
Year: 1986
Duration: 60”
ASB Code: BAR I Re 1986/3

Abstract: A child wearing the scarf of the Rome soccer team around his neck goes around helplessly through the tables of a street market in front of the Olympic Stadium listening to the soccer match on his small radio. He turns his eyes to “his” red and yellow flag waving and sits on a bench all alone. One of the custodians of the stadium sees him and is moved: he lets the child into the stadium and helps him to go up on the steps filled with sports fans who are celebrating. In the final lines we hear the words: «Thank you, Rome», for arriving one step from victory in the Soccer Championship Tournament of 1986-87.

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