Coppia separata (Non in Onda)

Data: 1986


BAR I Re 1986 00009


Un uomo, separato dalla moglie, si incontra con la figlia che, dopo aver chiamato al telefono la mamma, invita il padre a rimanere a pranzo


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Pasta
Diffusione: TELEVISION



A cult television campaign, it lasted seven years (and then was re-adapted and elaborated through time up until our days), in which an unforgettable music theme composed by Greek musician Vangelis (Evangelos Odyssey Papathanassiou, 1943-), arranged in different styles, accompanies the stories of families and affective relationships, in the total absence of dialogues except for the famous ending payoff line “Where there’s Barilla there’s home”, that makes the pasta the canter of family life and its symbol, as likewise of good tradition and of the best sentiments.

Agency: Young & Rubicam
Creative director: Gavino Sanna
Art Director: Gavino Sanna
Copywriter: Andrea Concato
Directed by: Norman Griner
Director of photography: Norman Griner e Victor Hammer
TV Producer: Alessandra Ferrari
Production Company: Film Master
Music: “Hymne”, Vangelis
Arrangement: Jinglebell
Interpreters: -
Location: -
Year: 1986
Duration: 60”
ASB Code: BAR I Re 1986/9
Abstract: A little girl, daughter of separated parents, is sitting at the table of a cafe with her father and has just finished eating her ice cream. While he steps away to telephone home from a nearby cabin, the father observes with a melancholic glance a happy family seated at the table near theirs and his fingers unconsciously touch the wedding ring that he still wears and this makes him reflect on the life that would await him if he decided to go back home. So he accompanies his daughter to her mother’s house and while he is about to leave, his wife invites him to stay for lunch, and he gladly accepts.

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