Barilla presents: Magilla Gorilla

Data: 1967



BAR I Rf 1967 00001


Marca: Barilla
Prodotto: Gluten Pasta
Diffusione: CINEMA


2’30” BN CI 35



Agency: -
Creative director: -
Art Director: -
Copywriter: -
Directed by: -
Director of photography: -
Executive Producer: -
Production Company: Elettra Film
Music: -
Arrangement: -
Interpreters: Cartoon - Magilla Gorilla
Location: -
Year: 1967
Duration: 128”
ASB Code: BAR I Rf 1967/1

Abstract: Mister Peebles, an animal dealer who has his emporium in the Far West, wants to get rid of Magilla Gorilla because it costs him a fortune in bananas. One day while they are in the car, he pretends it has an engine failure, and finds an excuse to send Magilla away. But as soon as the gorilla goes into the ruins of a ghost town, Mister Peebles is kidnapped by some bandits. Magilla then runs to his help and after various adventures, disguised as a cactus plant, he succeds in freeing his friend from the kidnappers who are captured and imprisoned.
Magilla Gorilla can thus collect the reward an uses it to buy bananas for himself and Barilla pasta for Mister Peebles.