The history of the industrial complex

The Industrial Complex at Barriera Vittorio Emanuele: 1908-1942

Luca Monica

The Barilla industrial complex of Viale Veneto (now Viale Barilla) was active throughout the XX century from 1908 to 2000 in a natural succession of additions and replacements depending on the circumstances that the development of the company and of technologies dictated.

The Barilla Complex at Barriera Vittorio Emanuele. The project by Gian Luigi Giordani, 1957-1964

Luca Monica

The consolidation of the Barilla complex in its historical headquarters in the city was achieved with the construction of the building by architect Gian Luigi Giordani (1909-1977) of Milan, who, a few years earlier in 1957 had designed a pharmaceutical industrial plant for Farmitalia in the important Lombard city, featuring many similarities with the plant in Parma.