Campaign: Raoul Casadei - In defense of good traditions
Season: 1975 – VI cycle of Carosello
Season: 1976 – VI cycle of Carosello

Agency: Young & Rubicam
Creative director: –
Art Director: –
Copywriter: –
Directed by: Florestano Vancini and Enzo Trapani
Director of photography: –
TV Producer: Antonio Canti
Production Company: TVM
Music: authors of the various songs
Arrangement: Raoul Casadei
Interpreters: Raoul Casadei and his orchestra
Location: Rimini, Ca’ del Liscio
Year: 1975-1976
Duration: 150”

Some of the concerts of the Casadei Orchestra were filmed at the Ca’ del Liscio hall of Rimini. In the final advertising ending it is shown how Barilla pasta, (made of Durum wheat) holds to cooking and does not stick to the fork; Barilla “defends quality”. With this campaign, the presence of Barilla Pasta on the Carosello show ceased, since the show ended with its last broadcast on January 1, 1977.