Campaign: Mina - Songs
Season: 1969 – VI cycle of Carosello

Agency: McCann Erickson
Creative director: –Art Director: –
Copywriter: –
Directed by: Valerio Zurlini ?
Director of photography: Paolo Gregorig ?
TV Producer: Nino Vanoli
Production Company: Gamma Film
Music: authors of the various songs
Arrangement: –
Interpreters: Mina Mazzini
Location: Milan, Filming Studios
Year: 1969
Duration: 150”

A family reunites in front of the TV set to watch and listen to Mina, while pasta is cooking. The images come from a television studio in which Mina, always wearing different wigs and clothes, sings five songs accompanied by the orchestra: “Un colpo al cuore” (a blow to the heart), “La canzone di Marinella” (Marinella’s song), “Non credere” (do not believe), “Canzone per te” (song for you) and the upbeat song  Dai dai domani” (tomorrow).
At the end of the show, back at home the mother realizes that she has not yet set up the table while the pasta is already done. The speaker intervenes to reassure the buyers- it is Barilla Pasta made with Durum wheat and therefore it keeps its shape and holds the sauce better. As always: «Whoever chooses Barilla has a good start».