Campaign: Mina - Songs
Season: 1968 – VI cycle of Carosello

Agency: McCann Erickson
Creative director: –Art Director: –
Copywriter: Francesco Alberoni
Directed by: Enzo Trapani
Director of photography: –
TV Producer: Nino Vanoli
Production Company: Audiovision
Music: authors of the various songs
Arrangement: Augusto Martelli
Interpreters: Mina Mazzini
Location: Focette – Marina di Pietrasanta (LU), “La Bussola”
Year: 1968
Duration: 150”

The new series of commercials is filmed in a new setting. We are in Versilia on a summer evening, and see the billboard lights that advertise Mina’s show. The camera focuses to the interior of the wide hall of “La Bussola” filled with young people and on Mina while she is singing live accompanied by the orchestra directed by Augusto Martelli. From this single recording of one evening all of the five commercials were created, one for each song: “Deborah”, “Cry”, “Chi dice non dà” (he who says does not give), “Un colpo al cuore” (a blow to the heart)  and “C’è più samba(there’s more Samba). At the end of each song a jingle sung by Mina states that: «Whoever chooses Barilla has a good start! Barilla Pasta is made like this: it is all Durum wheat and every time you cook it will be a great triumph». In the meantime the images show a feminine hand that pours pasta into a pot with boiling water and out comes a beautiful plate of pasta with peas. At the end a store shelf filled with Barilla boxes is shown and the speaker’s voice is heard, inviting to purchase quality brand pasta packaged in sealed boxes and no longer loose pasta. This is remarked by a large X sign that is painted on an old shop cupboard containing loose pasta.