Campaign: Mina - Songs
Season: 1967 – V cycle of Carosello

Agency: CPV
Creative director: Mario Belli
Art Director: Mario BelliCopywriter: Francesco Alberoni
Directed by: Antonello Falqui
Director of photography: –
TV Producer: Paolo Limiti
Production Company: Gigante
Music: authors of the various songs
Arrangement: –
Choreography: Tony Ventura
Costumes: Folco
Interpreters: Mina Mazzini
Location: Rome, Filming Studios
Year: 1967
Duration: 170”

In this second cycle of advertisement from 1967 Mina is directed by television director Antonello Falqui. In a studio with a totally white background, Mina interpreted five songs mostly on the theme of love and couple relationships: “Conversazione” (conversation), “L’immensità” (infinity), “La banda” (the band), “Cartoline” (postcards) and “Se c’è una cosa che mi fa impazzire” (if there is a thing that makes me go crazy). All of the films maintain a stylistic uniformity: Mina wears two different dresses for each song and a graceful game in the mounting of the scenes makes her dance to the music now in one dress, now in the other. The advertising ending is the same for the entire campaign: Mina enters the scene from an enormous box of pasta that rotates on itself and says: «Now a few words on Barilla Pasta; you know ho to cook it how it keeps al dente and what a nice golden color it has when your dish is ready for your man and your children. You can see that they are happier when you bring Barilla Pasta to the table. And how they cheer when you choose Barilla pasta! With Barilla Pasta you will always have a fantastic dish. And you know it; there is a great cook in you and Barilla brings it out ».