Campaign: Mina - Songs
Season: 1967 – I cycle of Carosello

Agency: CPV
Creative director: Mario Belli
Art Director: Mario Belli
Copywriter: Francesco Alberoni
Directed by: Piero Gherardi
Director of photography: Dario Di Palma
TV Producer: Paolo Limiti
Production Company: Gigante
Music: authors of the various songs
Arrangement: –
Interpreters: Mina Mazzini
Location: Rome, EUR, Circeo, Ponte di Nola, Naples
Year: 1966
Duration: 170”

While she sings “Ebb Tide”, Mina strolls on a small dock near the promontory of Circeo on a windy day. She wears a white dress and plays with a large white fan. “Sono come tu mi vuoi” (I am like you want me) is instead filmed in a mirror labyrinth of a Carnival, and Mina wears a long gray dress with embroidered lace. In “Mi sei scoppiato dentro al cuore” (you exploded in my heart) Mina is in a limbo, surrounded by balloons and is wearing a black dress with black pheasant feathers broken in segments and inserted into her hat.
The last commercial of this cycle opens with the image of an enormous white marble horse (one of the “Dioscuri” by Publio Morbiducci and Alberto Felci at EUR). The dimensions of the sculpture can be fully understood when Mina, wearing a black dress with a white bodice shaped like a Calla flower comes close to it and sings “Una casa in cima al mondo”(a home on the top of the world).
The advertising ending shows Mina behind a long array of boxes of Barilla products. She says: «Barilla pasta is our pasta: it is made for your man, for your kids, so that they can feel the joy of home made foods more and more. You know how to cook it, how it stays al dente and how it keeps that nice golden color that it has when your dish is ready for them. Continue to use it and you will always have a fantastic meal with Barilla pasta. And you know: there is a great chef in you and Barilla makes it come out»