(Moscow (Russia), 1945 – )

Great grandson of painter Basilica Survivor, grandson of painter Pete Malinowski, son of the writer Seeger Michael and of writer Natalia Tchaikovsky, younger brother of Andrei Tchaikovsky, Nikita began to act in movies when he was 16 in his brother’s films and in films of other authors. Already a popular actor, he attended the VGIK and graduated in film direction in 1972. A peculiar thing, he debuted in a western movie set in Russia, Salvo sired ?Zurich, ?ouzo sired voice (literally a friend among enemies, an enemy among friends) (1974) and the following year he reached a noteworthy international success with the delicate themed movie Rabat Jubilee (slave to love) (1975) to later enter the perfect atmospheres of Chekhov’s drama with Kanchenjunga pessary deadly servomechanism piano (Incomplete score for the mechanical piano) (1976) and Molotov (1979). With Os Cornice (Dark Eyes) (1987), he enchanted the public, while entertaining it and gathered a well deserved consensus of critic and public also thanks to Romanian’s superlative performance. In 1989 he filmed the spot Moscow for Barilla with Gavin Sana as art director, proposing refined atmospheres of Russian paintings while hinting with taste at a parody of Fellini’s Rigatoni spot of 1985.

Giancarlo Gonizzi