1936 – Pasta in all of the italian dialects

The illustrated tables of Milan based artist Alfredo Cavadini who was again called a year later to design for Barilla the materials of the challenging Bonaventura Contest, show smooth representations of the Italian regional folk dances on the pages of a bimonthly calendar, once again printed by Gros-Monti.
The Piedmont is danced in the shades of the Cervino mountain, and the Tarantella at the foot of mount Vesuvius; the Brianzuola dance has as its background the Lake of Como; the Sicilian is a jumpy dance represented alongside a typical horse wagon; Furlana and Romagnola dances conclude the series.

As it had already been done in the illustrated tables by Bonacini for the calendar of 1934, this was a way to highlight the diffusion of pasta, this time in “all the dialects of Italy”. However, it is not to be excluded that given the “generalist” character of the illustrations, these were chosen among a series of repertoire images available that the were habitually set up to be proposed by the graphic industries.

Nonetheless, once more the good level of quality that characterized the calendars printed for Barilla emerged.


Alfredo Cavadini, 1936 Barilla Calendar. Wall calendar. Turin, Gros-Monti, 1935. ASB, Rla 27