XII International Exposition of Preserves in Parma, 1957

Parma, XII International Exposition of Preserves and packaging. 20th-30th September 1957.

The Exhibition of 1957 opens, it’s worth saying it, in the spirit of Barilla. On the background of the long entrance fence, the usual brand stands out with the name of the Company in full cursive letters, emerging from a large elliptic poster, filled in in red.

Inside, at the center of the expositional space sided by narrow advertising galleries, the Barilla stand dominates on a low octagonal support, designed once again with spontaneous originality by Erberto Carboni and created by Medardo Monica (1).

The stand takes the shape of a box fenced by very thin and high blades of wood that link the base with the upside part limited by horizontal beams placed in a Greek form. In the center, there is, at a proper distance from the wooden “cage”, a solid figure with an elliptic base on which the samples of Barilla pasta stand out embossed. In this way, the design of the single “food models”, of really various configuration, takes the look of bas reliefs marked by the shadows created by both the natural and the artificial light sources.
Almost protecting this peculiar promotional “fenced area”, there is a huge horizontal and oval shaped panel anchored to the ceiling that functions as cover and reproduces the Company brand and retraces dimensionally the elliptic shape of the stand. The Barilla sign is made particularly visible by beams of light placed in the cavities of the solid underneath.
The use of bright woods on grey backgrounds, the soft light sources filtered through the curtains disposed frontally at the entrance, lend this pavilion a lively individuality.

In this way the Barilla design patrimony become richer thanks to remarkable advertising choices from a stylistic point of view, always among the most admired and awarded in the most reputed exposition of the food sector.



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