Samples Fair. Milan, 1928

Milan. Sampling Fair. 1928.

The contemporary aspect of the “Torino Expositions” Exhibition with the “Campionaria” [about samples] of Milan strengthened the interest of Barilla to take part with the same engagement in two events internationally relevant. It was about being present to two releases through the realization of stands of different aesthetic content, but to be made in the same way catchy in terms of advertising. Without the intention of establishing a comparison between the two subjects, extremely different also from a dimensional point of view, it’s necessary to underline that the space reserved to Barilla for the “Campionaria” was considerably more modest.

For this reason, the designers resort to an able technical trick for increasing as much as possible the largeness of the expositional wall, which transforms into an articulated development of wooden and glass elements, in protrusion and narrowing, with the frontal façade and other sloped on the corners.

In this stand the recovery of the already experimented plant, even though it’s limited to the central body, from the Roman exposition of 1927. But the aesthetic and functional impact of the new configuration results to be visibly different and it presents multifaceted elements as a diamond set into a refined wooden support.

Inside of the window, around a bundle of spaghetti open as a fan, there are numerous bags of pasta located on different level grounds and heights. To the lowest level the Barilla sign appears, the same that stands out from the other the window supporting wall covered in velvet. On the background, thickly distributed and located at various levels, the images without contouring of the “Flying Cook” stand out. Just as imitation of a stretched flight of doves, the fake sky of the stand is animated by the silhouettes of the chubby character that brings on a silver dish the tender, winged message of Barilla pasta.

On the superior surface of the window, there is the polished ceramic polychrome sculpture, portraying the boy spilling a giant egg yolk inside the dough tray, tridimensional version of the company brand. Once again, a golden medal confirms the high expositional level reached by Barilla.