Samples Exhibition. Verona, 1929

Verona. Samples exhibition. 1929

The stand presented at the Campionaria in Verona, includes a “mobile-window” placed by the side of an “advertising” wall documenting with pictures the phases of the manufacturing of the product and the technologies available in the plant.

In a structural point of view, wooden and glass “mobile-stand” is equal to the one presented in the Turin Exhibition in 1928. The only difference that distinguishes the version presented in Verona is visible because of the glass in the central part, defined in this case by an arch like connection as closure and frame of the furniture.

It is possible to say that the solution used in Turin exhibition answers to a usual name in the traditional furniture environment. In this one instead, the introduction of the arch confers to the stand a more peculiar stylistic and functional footprint thanks to the bigger possibility of exploiting the expositional space that this choice offers.

Considering the affinities visible in the system of the two stands, they probably derive from the same design model, built in a modular way so that it is possible to obtain multiple expositional possibilities, differentiated according to the spaces and the objectives of the singular events. It’s not easy, however, to decide which of the two versions has been designed first, as every document is missing.
The design of the two stands probably belong to a unique lost project by Mario Bacciocchi, considering the material quality of the object, together with the purity of the line and the elegance of the decorative details which characterize the piece as model of high quality cabinet-making.

Once again, the Stand was winner of a deserved golden medal.