1929 circa – The Déco egg

The most widely conveyed Barilla image was always the one of the brand character of a shop boy pouring an egg into a gigantic reading trough, created by the inventive artist Emilio Trombara. We find it enlarged by Ettore Vernizzi to the dimensions of the billboard ensign for the Company located inside the plant. We find it as well printed on postcards and shaped in various three-dimensional forms used for gypsum sculptures of poly chrome ceramics which were used as furnishings for the sales points. Moreover, it was the subject of printed press advertisement and of the calendars with daily tear-off sheets.
That simple and smiling “putén” (child) was undoubtedly the most immediately recognizable and popular image, that stated without metaphors the origin of the product, a mix of egg and flour. It was like to say that the happy ritual of kneading could be a child’s game if the ingredients are of good quality.

The egg and flour, the purity and the solar character of the image are the emblem of the Company. The duo-tone of these elements involves other aspects and other forms of this advertisement, like this unique three-dimensional advertising board studied to support the paper blocks of the daily calendars, and made of Ebonized wood and aluminum, recalling the Déco style in the fact that was made of ultra light material that was loved by the Futurist artists.



An image of the shop boy pouring an egg into a large kneading trough, in various contexts. A creation by Emilio Corvara.